Maelle - Characters of the Future - Nvidia Metropia 2042
Diego rodriguez finalrender v3

Final Render in Arnold for Maya

Diego rodriguez clay render

Clay Render

Diego rodriguez gifturntable


Diego rodriguez pores v2

Skin closeup

Diego rodriguez mariskin

Mari Projection using the Multi-Channel maps from TexturingXYZ. It has 2 UDIM.

Diego rodriguez front

Zbrush Render

Diego rodriguez scene

Maya viewport scene - I'm using an HDRI as background, and 3 lights (2 areas and 1 mesh light for the display)

Diego rodriguez 08

Marvelous Designer Pattern

Diego rodriguez 07

Marvelous Designer Pattern

"I spent some time thinking about the future, and it's difficult to predict how's going to be like in 20 years, it's not that far! I think we will start to rely on clean energy, we have no choice if we want to breath healthy air. I can't stop thinking about all the devices we will carry with ourselves: contact lenses with AR, hubs with huge holographic displays, gloves or fingertips with haptic feedback to use those screens, and of course, the neverending RGB trend. Lucky us, we won't need to plug all that stuff because everything is going to be wireless, you just need to get out and start generating energy with your clothes. Can you imagine?"