Mursi Portrait
Diego rodriguez render17

Final Render

Diego rodriguez render19

3D Model

Diego rodriguez image 012

Different Lighting Setups

Diego rodriguez image 03

Skin textures created in Mudbox. I've used texturing xyz maps for the displacement information and a combination of cross polarized textures and hand painting for the base color.

Diego rodriguez image 04

War Paint mask

Diego rodriguez substance akm

AKM textured in SP

Diego rodriguez akm close

AKM Roughness test

Diego rodriguez image 010

Accessories modeled in Maya.

The moment I saw a Mursi warrior with boar tusks hanging off his head and an AK-47 in his hands I fell in love with their look, so I decided to create a 3D character based on this tribe.

My main goal was to create a realistic character as well as practicing organic and hard surface modeling, texturing, and shading. I had a limited time to create the character (10 weeks) so I decided to focus on the upper part of the body and I created a portrait.